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Last Update:

08/29/09 - Lidsore, Hooga and Means Nothing at Kamikazes's 2404 Adams Ave. Ogden, UT.  21 or older $5.
09/05/09 - Project Independent (Metal Showcase) - Separation of Self, Eminent, Balance Of Power, Blood Of Saints, Maim Corps, Scripted Apology. Denots, Embrace The Fallen, Season Of Change, Six Guns Beyound Denmark and HOOGA. We’re the first band, so be there before 4:00 PM. Chance to win prizes and headlining own tour. You must be 21 or older.  $10.00.

     HOOGA is a three piece new standard metal band based in Utah .  We are very dedicated to our music and take our craft very seriously.  The music is a no holds barred, ass-kicking, hard-driving, kick you in the balls, bang your head against the stage.  The lyrics are brutally honest and deal with real life issues.  If you like your metal hard and loud, then HOOGA is for you.

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