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Here, you will be able to keep up on recent news and happenings with the band. Also, you will be able to read reviews of our shows. Don't forget to visit the fan area and sign our guestbook so you can recieve montly email newsletters to keep you informed of upcoming shows, breaking news and other cool stuff.


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June 28,2002--- Just finished up the Demo CD "Paying Time." The cover art is limited to 100 copies. It will soon be a collectors item, so be sure to c pick one up at our shows.
July 4,2002---  Our Cd is being played on rock radio staions in Brazil. Rumor has it the Brazilian metal headz are requesting one of our songs and can't seem to get enough!!!
August 7,2002--- We are set to play a huge show with TwistDead Fable on early September. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! As soon as we have more details we will post them here. Be sure to sign our guestbook in the fan area to get email update of when and where we are going to play.
September 2, 2002--- Adam "Budda Bass" Jensen has sustained an injury in his left hand/wrist stemming from his battle with carpal tunnel syndrome. Adam has seen a sports doctor and a hand specialist and has undergone several ultrasound traetments. BAD NEWS- He will not regain full use of his fingers to continue to play bass on a full time basis for some time. GOOD NEWS- Adam is also a good drummer. Internal decisions within the band have put Andy on the bass and Adam on the drums. The guys have been hard at work on the music, and they are rockin' harder than ever. Adam will play bass live on two songs. You will have to come to the shows to see which songs.
October 7, 2002--- We now have a new name, and a band contest winner! We will now be known as HOOGA. Same line up, same great metal tunes, cool new name. We appreciate all of the entries for the band name contest. There were some really great ideas to throw around, but in the end, we chose 'HOOGA' Thanks to all our fans for the support you have shown us at the latest shows, keep showing up and rockin out with the band!