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Click the link below to get a description of the band members:

Leandro Fracasso - Vocals / Guitars / Percussion
Jesse - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals / Percussion
Robert Wilson - Drums

     In 12/25/92 Leandro G. Fracasso moved from Brazil to try a new life in USA and pursue his goal of becoming a professional musician.  In Boston MA he played with many bands trying out different styles of heavy music looking to develop a unique sound.  After living in Massachusetts for almost seven years he found it was time to move on and re-start life in a new place, so in 08/99 he headed to Utah.

     Living in Utah for few weeks he meet few musicians and started the long journey of Hooga. 

     The band has played many shows in the Salt Lake City area including Salt Air,  DV8, , Ritz, Liquid Joes, Club Vegas, Lo-Fi cafe and many more; and out of state Jackson WY and California.  We're in our home studio recording a full-length demo album now.

     HOOGA is a three-piece aggressive new standard metal band based in Utah.  We are very dedicated to our music and take our craft very seriously.  The music mixing heavy, fast, slow and groove riffs, tribal drums, percussion and growling vocals is no holds barred, ass kicking, hard driving, kick you in the balls, bang your head against the stage.  The lyrics are brutally honest straight to your face and deal with real life issues helping you to see what is around and inside you.

     If you like your metal hard and loud, then HOOGA is for you.


     Hooga - heart, soul and balls.

Click here to download some of Hooga's songs.