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07/30/09 - Drummer Ben fromb and NICE joined Hooga.
07/30/09 - Drummer Robert Wilson left the band.
10/09/08 - Freddy from ID joined Hooga.
09/30/08 - Nick left the band.
02/23/08 - Guitar player Nick from Fleshpeddler joined the band.
10/15/07 - Bass player Jesse joined the band.

10/15/07 - Bass player Nathan Bennett left the band. 
06/26/07 - Leandro became an American Citizen.
08/30/06 - We had a great show with Exodus and Hatepiece, and we would like to thank our old band members guitarist Robert Strack and drummer Curtis Powell for helping us out playing the show.  Our drummer Bob was on his honeymoon in Hawaii.
07/29/06 - We had a show scheduled to play at the "Whiskey", we got there with all our gear and the place was closed, they closed a night before for remodeling and didn't even bother to call us.  That's professionalism!

04/05/06 - We had a good show last night, Nathan did great on his first gig with Hooga.

01/19/06 - Bass player Nathan Bennett joined the band.

01/18/06 - Bass player Robert Strack left the band. 


12/31/05 - We had a killer show with the all girl AC/DC tribute band from LA Whole Lotta Rosies.

11/27/05 - Leandro's Grandmother passed away in Brazil, she was 92 years old.

09/15/05 - Leandro got sealed to his wife and two daughters at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  That was the best feeling and experience ever.

09/12/05 - Leandro's Grandfather passed away in Brazil, he was 93 years old.

09/06/05 - We had a great show at the Whiskey playing with "Metal Church".

08/30/05 - Leandro had his endowments at the LDS Timpanogos Temple.

08/09/05 - We had our first jam at our new studio in Leandro's backyard, the place is really cool  with lots of space to jump around.

06/14/05 - Bass player Rob Strack has re-joined the band.  "What goes around comes around".

05/07/05 - We're sad to inform that bass player Alvaro Pina left the band, he's moving out of the country.  Good luck to you bro!

05/07/05 - We had a great show at the Lo-Fi Cafe, we thank Mike Snider, all the bands and the fans for the support.

04/30/05 - We would like to thank Adam Jensen from Bomb Threat for playing the bass at the Big Easy show, our bass player was out of town.

03/21/05 - Drummer Bob joined Hooga.

03/20/05 - Drummer Clayton Rice left Hooga.

02/20/05 - Darby from Kber 101 played us on KAOS hour #2.  Thanks Darby!!!

01/05/05 - The lineup for the show on 07/05/05 at Lo-Fi Cafe is set, Hatepiece confirmed the spot.  The lineup will be Vadaath, Millicent, Nauthiz, Hatepiece and HOOGA.

01/16/05 - The show a the Whiskey last night was great, Robert ex-Hooga's bass player/guitarrist played a song with us on the bass, and Andy ex-Hooga's bass player/drummer played the last three songs on the guitar.

12/08/04 - On the 24th anniversary of the death of John Lennon our guitar master Dimebag Darrel was killed on the stage.

11/22/04 - Our trip to California was a success, we played two good shows and the crowed loved it, we also got to know each other on the road.

11/13/04 - The showcase at Hard Rock Cafe was a success, we got excellent reviews from Sony, Atlantic and  Columbia, we gave them the promo pack, now we wait.

11/05/04 - Hooga played the first show with the new members.

08/16/04 - Bass player Alvaro Pina joined Hooga.

07/31/04 - Leandro got baptized in the LDS (Mormon) church.

07/15/04 - Drummer Clayton Rice joined Hooga.

06/19/04 - Hooga won the 2004 New Artist Radio award for the best "rock" performer of the year.  Bill won't be playing with Hooga, he doesn't have time to play in two bands. 

06/02/04 -  Bill and Brian from Funnel Head jammed with Hooga for the first time, we had a good time, they're great musicians.  We worked on "Paying Time", a song that Hooga will play at the NAR show in Ogden on 06/19/04.

05/26/04 - Curtis and Robert played the last show with Hooga.  It was a benefit show at Phat Tire.  Leandro met Bill and Bryan, the drummer and bass player of Funnel Head.

05/13/04 - Curtis Powell, Cody Anderson and Robert Strack left Hooga.  Good luck with the new project "Vadaath".

05/08/04 - Hooga won the battle of the bands at DV8.
03/15/04 - Hooga is number 1 on the Top 40 radio show New Artist Radio.

03/13/04 - Hooga got second place at the The Jamshed Battle of the bands - Kira's Blu 670 West State Street - Pleasant Grove, UT. 

01/25/04 - Hooga made an apperance at the Channel Homegrown 105.7.  Hooga band of the Week.

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